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Tag: cheap grace

Preaching or Pandering?

Luther’s famous “Here I Stand” speech that launched Protestantism, responded to the Emperor’s demand that Luther recant his writings. Luther refused saying, some of his books attacked “… popery and assail[ed] men who have afflicted the Christian world and the bodies and souls of other men. If I were to recant those, I should be a cloak that covers evil.” Not nice. How ironic, 500 years later that a cheapened version of Luther’s “grace alone” should now become the “cloak that covers evil” and Roman Catholics the chief resistance. Luther professed his “conscience bound by the text of the Bible”. His heirs, like spoiled trust fund children, recant that heritage to license their own self-indulgence. Grace without repentance hardens the…

A New Genesis 3

A new Genesis 3 for the Emerging (from the) Church etc. Copy and paste into your Bibles. “And the mean old Creator said, “Do not eat of that tree or you will die”. This scared the poor innocent people. But the loving, non-judgmental serpent said soothingly, “You will not die. The mean Creator’s arbitrary limits are preventing your fulfillment. Go ahead – pursue desire. What are you afraid of? I can set you free from your irrational fear of transgressing the mean Creator’s arbitrary limit.” And the people said, “Oh, we feel so safe with you. The mean Creator was making us feel so bad about ourselves. Thank you for setting us free. From now on we will follow you.” The…

The Grace of Letting Go

Not every Lazarus is a Prodigal and vice versa. The prodigal’s father let his son envy the pigs that he might save his life. Well meaning people kill and destroy when they take responsibility for others’ irresponsibility and treat all as victims.  To treat all sufferers as Lazarus robs the prodigals among them of the one thing they have left of value –  the chance to come to themselves.